Due to the diversity of cultures and languages of pilgrims and the difficulty of communication between them and the organizers and their inability to distinguish between the places in the Hajj, we have developed an application that helps them to reach their destinations using Augmented Reality and voice Recognition.

What it does

Guiding the crowds or how get losses through using enhanced Augmented Reality and voice Recognition.

How we built it

x code swift

used Four libraries




AR Kit

Challenges we ran into

Diversity of cultures and languages make it is difficult for organizers to communicate with pilgrims Similarity of Landmarks leads to inability to distinguish between them Some pilgrims are ignorant of modern technology

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Facilitate the pilgrim to know the tracks using enhanced Augmented Reality and voice Recognition Facilitate access to services for people with special needs and illiterates

What we learned

We are now aware of the technical efforts made by the Hajj ministry to pilgrims from all over the world. We have viewed new technologies through what Google developers have reviewed in the hackathon Working within the team working really short time and conditions we have never experience before

What's next for C-049 Ammer

Provide other versions on multiple platforms Follow up the percentage of crowds in pilgrimage places
Provide an application that support offline connection for more efficacy to the user

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