****A From our families and ourselves as well. We had a trouble reading douaa from those islamic books. Foreign groups with different languages reading the douaa out loud which creates a non-confortable chaos. Illiterate, old people, kids, and unknowledge of the pilgrimage rituals and douaas.

What it does

It's about an ear device that locate the user geographically to play automatically the douaa that it's supposed to be read in the located area. The device is connected to a web app controlled by the admin, it's for collecting every haajj's data including his id, personnal data, geo-localisation... The device is characterized by an emergency button that helps the security to locate any haajj user in danger.

How we built it

It's an electronic device with an electronic board card connected to the sattelite or any other communication method, a speaker and a mic that let the user to hear all the device functionnalities as well as speaking in emergency cases. In the other side of the project is the web app developped by html5 css3 bootstrap jquery php and firebase. Moreover, google technologies as pwa.

Challenges we ran into

The project itself is a challenge We faced enough constraints that made us rethink about the use of it. We ended up believing on our project even if the prototype is not physically ready due to the lack of physical material.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Starting from an issue that we faced and creating a developped smart device that we will personnaly use later.

What we learned

Each of the team members have learned a new capacity, but most important is we learnt to work with each other as a team and help different teams from different parts of the world. We consider this winning.

What's next for C-037 VHAJJ

The main aim of VHAJJ is to serve and help the pilgriment with the easiest solution to use, practical, useful, innovative to a 2030 hajj without books, papers, and mobile apps.

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