Researching dementia led to discovering that poor oral health and gum disease can contribute to causing dementia. Furthermore, those afflicted with dementia requires more assistance with brushing their teeth.

Also, we have a child who fusses about brushing her teeth. So we had this idea of being notified if our daughter does not brush her teeth as well as monitoring her brushing history.

Combining these two influences and directing it towards a solution that helps health care facilities (where patient management can be challenging) led to the creation of BYTES.

What it does

BYTES: Brush Your Teeth End-to-end Solution

BYTES is an end to end solution to help patients maintain good oral health with the mission to Trust, Verify, and Monitor.

BYTES consists of three main components: The toothbrush/attachment, the messaging console, and the BYTES website. When the patient is near the toothbrush during their next scheduled brushing, BYTES reminds them to brush their teeth. The reminder can be configured to play a customized message by a loved one. Furthermore, the toothbrush can record the brushing movement and time to determine the quality of brushing. With these functionality, BYTES provide more control to the patient and TRUST that the patient can be more independent.

We understand that ultimately, the patient needs to brush their teeth. BYTES can VERIFY that if the patient does not brush their teeth during their scheduled time, the health care worker is notified through SMS text message and/or email to manually assist the patient.

These events will be sent to the BYTES server. The BYTES website will help the health care worker and facility administration to MONITOR the brushing history of the patients. This can help find trends and may lead to discovering new information about the patients and dementia.

How I built it

There are three components:

1) Toothbrush/attachment: This is build using Arduino with the following components: Bluetooth shield, proximity sensor, tilt sensor, pressure sensor

2) Messaging console: It is an Android app that can perform the following: Bluetooth communication, SMS Text messaging, email, RESTful service call, play sound, etc.

3) BYTES website: It is a Java web application using JSF and RESTful services.

Challenges I ran into

The main problem was to integrate the components together to ensure that they communicate the information to one another.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working with the team to create a pragmatic solution that we believe can be realized.

What I learned

Concentrate on the main functionality and not on the "trivial things".

What's next for BYTES

To make BYTES a reality.

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