We are all interested in the intersection of computer science with other scientific fields. The Tactio challenge allowed us to work on a problem with direct medical applications which was very appealing to us all.

What It Does

Our program uses Tactio's Digital Health API to assess patients medical records over six months, and from these records, determine whether any of these patients have diabetes, obesity, infection, or dyslipidemia, based on quantifiable indicators. Some of these indicators include glucose level, white blood cell count, and body weight, among many others.

How We Built It

We first worked around the API. This was done by retrieving the data through JSON files, which were then treated through Java. We then parsed through all the patients, comparing each's measurements to the values indicating one of the above diseases. The ID of the patients with each disease were exported into separate csv files for diagnosis.

What We Learned.

Through the making of this project, we learned what an API is, how http protocols work, how to work with HUGE amounts of data, and what a JSON file is. We also learned how to sacrifice sleep for science.

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