When brainstorming ideas for this hackathon, we all were thinking of important events that happened in in history. One of us thought of the Gold Rush because it was an event that happened in California, the state our team lives in. We then were thinking about the difficulties people were having during that time. The two main ones were buying goods and staking land. How could we assist those during that time? Slowly we created a plan that turned into this project.

What it does

Goldie Island helps users claim land virtually and also allows them to purchase products from the Shop. Users can also set up a username and password when they first enter the Homepage.

How we built it

Each person in the team worked on a specific part of the website. A lot of research went into the coding. Our team used several sources and videos to help with the coding. Everyone used notepad++ as the text editor. The code in this project involves CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Challenges we ran into

One challenge was creating the user accounts without accessing the database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was our first web development project for everyone in the whole team, so we were all proud of everything we did really. The website we created is a big accomplishment in itself.

What we learned

This was a very new experience for us. We learned about web development and the code behind it, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. This is the first time we built a complete project from scratch. This was a very important and fun learning opportunity for everyone in the team.

What's next for ByteHacks 2020 - Goldie Island

Some additions to our project would be to create a live chat system. This would have allowed traders to talk in real time with one another.

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