The inspiration of this project came from a phenomenon called the bystander effect where people are likely to avoid situations to protect themselves when in a crowd. In our campus, there is not much to help a student fend of a predator at night or help out in an accident and that is why this app was created. To help guarantee the safety of student.

What it does

The purpose of this application is to notify people within your vicinity that you feel unsafe or are in immediate danger and will show these people your location so that they can came and assist you.

How I built it

I used Html, Css and JavaScript to build this with a bunch of libraries and nodejs as the back end.

Challenges I ran into

The greatest challenge was being able to test it and convert the application to a mobile app to help serve its purpose. Design was another major problem i faced when developing this technology.

Accomplishments that I'm proud off

I am proud of the idea that i had and the reason for creating the application.

What I learned

A day is not enough to create, run and test an application.

What's next for Bystander project

To have a complete and functioning application working as soon as possible and then make it as user friendly as possible to help it spread throughout the community.

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