The original idea started from Nick consistently borrowing Olivia's guitar for a period of a few weeks. At first we thought we would build a rental service for musical instruments from your college peers, but then we thought why stop at just instruments. We decided to think broader and we imagined this platform that would connect people who want to rent everyday items from people around them.

What it does

The app is a place for item owners to list their items for rent and for potential renters to find any items they would like to rent.

How we built it

We began building this project starting in December 2015. What we have currently is built with Swift for iOS for the front-end and Google App Engine for the backend written in Python. We have recently begun working on an Android application as well, but all of our testing has been done using the iOS app.

Challenges we ran into

Communication between the client and the backend server, specifically passing images, figuring out how to save and return them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made significant progress in the functionality of the app (getting images to load and redoing the design). At this point, we can now have a user sign up, log in, put items up for rent, and view items in their local area, although not all aspects are finished. Also made contributions to the Android app, mainly design and structure (no communication with the server yet).

What we learned

Sleep is unnecessary. Also, communication between team members is key. Constantly running through what we would be sending each other from backend to front-end and vice versa was very helpful when writing our code. It kept us from diverging and led us to working on one vision with the app.

What's next for Bygo

We are competing in the Cozad Competition this Tuesday/Thursday. We hope to have a functioning minimal viable product by then.

We have been working on this project prior to HackIllinois. We used this time to mainly to setup the image uploads to the server, work on the transactions between the iOS app and the server, and completely revamp our design. Along the way, we worked on several smaller aspects that had to be rewritten to support these bigger changes we made and stumbled across errors. We also accomplished setting up a web splashpage and built the skeleton for the Android app.

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