We have been inspired by the real-life events which one encounters with the police. Now, some of the police are now have been corrupted and they create such a situation where they take illegal money without any reason. So, now we are up here with our project which is directly linked to the government's server and helps you to keep an eye on your challan, fine as you will be able to fill those fines here or can show some legitimate document by uploading online on this portal to safeguard your side; also this will help to store your important documents. So when everything will be conducted online there will be a reduction in the corruption rate on the daily basis, especially in the police department.

What it does

It will Notify, Store, Sort, Alert, and Save your time and money and will help reduce corruption as we will need no extra money to be paid to our irregular system.

  • It will Notify us about our dues, taxes, fines that are required to pay to the government.
  • It will Alert us about new rules, will alert us about new fines or the charges that are applied to us by government officials. Also, it will display if you have any other way chance to nullify that charge like by submitting some document.
  • Also it will Sort your dues according to priority and deadline to pay them, also it will display a number of legal ways that you will be able to proceed with that particular problem.
  • It will Store our important documents and will auto-submit (if uploaded) the document whenever it is asked or you will be able to show it at any place and access the document also.

Auto submission of required documents, sorting of dues, alerting, and this happening in online mode which is trackable will save your money and time.

How we built it

We built it by using HTML, CSS. We built it such that it is very easy to use and the people using it don't come around any kind of hassle.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into many challenges and the biggest one was to implement the backend in so much less time, Also it was really difficult to structure the idea and add every single bit of detail in the portal we were building.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We might not say we have found a way to tackle corruption but yes we have found one way to reduce it.

If we can't finish it at least we can reduce it Also, this was our little try to have some regularity in our irregular system and also transparency in it.

What we learned

We understood problems faced by common people and how they lack behind in some of the cases due to lack of proper knowledge and get trapped. We learned about our system and also how we can help it by our side.

What's next for BYE BHRASHTACHAR

  • Will make it easier to operate by any person.
  • Will pitch this idea to local authorities.

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