Onboard Observers have to log Bycatch samples fish. Sometimes knowing what is the right specie is not an easy task to do! This project is dedicated to all Observers that do their job, sometimes in very difficult conditions, adding great value to data collection and reporting, improving science with high quality data and helping fishing industry to achieve good practices and sustainability certification.

What it does

When the observer is getting samples to log their weight and size, he/she must also identify the correct fish specie. With our cloud service, if he/she has some doubts he/she only needs to take a picture of the fish and send to our service. Then BycatchID Cloud Service will spread the photo across the registered Observers community available in the moment (around the world), trying to find at least 5 results that match their evaluation. These experts are using this cutting edge App/cloud service and submitting their opinion to help others. The BycatchID service also allows to connect FA using Observer Desk Web Application, where some inland professional helps their high sea co-workers. We can also connect this platform to some Fish Recognition Engines, and correlate all inputs to determine the Trust Level of the Specie Identification, sending this info back to the Observer. This technology can also integrate with existing Logbook Software used today by Onboard or Landing Observers all around the world.

How I built it

To do a fast proof-of-concept demo during the Fishackathon we uses our baseline framework for the Observer Desk Web-based application and our PinFixed Mobile App framework developed over Xamarin, allowing fast development and targeting iOS, Android and Windows Phone Mobile devices. The Cloud infrastructure was deployed over Windows Azure.

Challenges I ran into

Develop all the key ideas in a very short time.... but our small team is used to build great projects :) Let's do it happen again!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Mónica Pinto, my team mate that immediately answer my challenge to do this is so short time and during this weekend and holiday. I love my team, and Mónica is one of them!

What I learned

That great ideas and ICT can change the world, making it better. Taking Fish Industry to the next level is our vision and goal. This Fishackathon is just another example that our vision makes global sense!

What's next for ByCatchID

Improve the solution and put it working to be used all over the world where fisheries observation is a must have: No Data No fishing!

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posted an update

It's incredible how, in a so short time (less than 8 working hours), we designed and implemented this usable platform (alpha version). Congrats to the effort of my Bitcliq's team, in special you Mónica, who did this amazing work without sleeping/stoping! You guys are amazing and the global fishing industry knows they can count on us to innovate and create value thru ICT.

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