I would like to introduce you to Jakob. Jakob is 14 years old and is living in Esbjerg. Jakob spends many hours of his spare time on his computer and playing different games when he is at home. Even at school he will use different devices to help him learn and to complete assignments. 10 seconds

This is becoming more common among the youth and teens. Even though technology is becoming more essential and has more influence on our lives every day. Even in education we are seeing more and more devices for teaching to help keep advancing the techniques of teaching in a more innovated and more effect way. We would like to break that routine of always being in front of a device a bit by combining real world play with the digital. This would allow for more human interaction with classmates and being focus back to physical real-world objects not just a screen and text. 30 seconds

The problem we are confronting is that learning isn't always the most entertaining, attention grabbing, and exciting thing to do. We are not education experts but from my experience learning by play is a very effective tool to make learning more entertaining while keeping the attention focused on the learning taking place and can make it much more exciting.

What it does

We have taken what we consider the basic building blocks of learning in this case LEGO bricks. Of course, with just more than 7 bricks you have near infinity of possibilities alone. By being able to assign different meanings to each brick based on color we can use them to get children more engaged in learning logic-based concepts such as learning grammar, math, playing a game, and even making music.

How we built it

Using Lego bricks and Tensorflow for image and color recognition

Challenges we ran into

Learning about machine learning and how to learn how to see color and objects with AI.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting Tensorflow to be able to see an image of LEGO bricks in real time and play music in the sequence that the LEGO bricks are arranged based on color

What we learned

We increased our knowledge about AI and machine learning.

What's next for *ByBricks

Increase the possible use cases for this logic based learning tool. To increase the AI learning to learn more LEGO elements and more colors.

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