[WORLD 1: LAND OF LOST IDENTITY] To allow international talents working/staying in the U.S to have an alternate access to financial products without SSN or FICO credit score

An alternate financial credit identity profile system which calculates the alternate credit score based on a person’s employment records from various sources, such as their LinkedIn profile and employment data from their company system, and creates a financial credit profile for international expats coming to United States to work for the first time. This enables them to have a faster access to financial products and services without a Social Security Number or FICO credit score (a measure score of credit risk) when they first arrive in the U.S.

Won 1st place at Rise Super Heroes vs Master Hackers Hackathon 2015.

Featured on Enterprise SPARKS Issue 8: NOC’s Heroes in Fintech Hackathon and NUS School of Computing newsroom (https://goo.gl/YQUYpg).

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