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Ho Jie Feng Chai Yi Chen Sim Justin

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We were unhappy with the lack of Net Neutrality in the 21st Century and wanted to change this, by providing a means of data transmission over a high data traffic network - in the case of this project, Whatsapp.

What it does

This project shows that even through the whitelisting of specific applications do not effectively restrict one's Internet access, as one can, just as in our project, make use of high data traffic applications and websites in order to improve their Internet access to lower data traffic ones.

How we built it

We researched the available APIs and libraries available for each platform and see which one suits our needs. We then combined a network interface driver with the libraries to send packets back and forth. Libraries used: pytun, yowsup and PyQt4

Challenges we ran into

Alternative messaging applications contained rate limits that prevented effective communication from working, thereby limiting the options of messaging platforms that we had. Also, due to the high load of our communication, the Whatsapp module frequently encounter obscure errors.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Almost being able to host a LAN Minecraft game over Whatsapp. We could do SSH/image/video transfer over our custom communication system.

What we learned

How to use Python messenger APIs as well as how to develop a graphical user interface.

What's next for BY - Data Transmission using Whatsapp

To extend this to other possible messenger applications in order to create a modular communication framework.

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