Imagine you dont have to be limited by the physical constrainst of the world.

Through augmented reality we can provide important information to people how and when they need it.

We use that power to provide public transport information before the vehicle arrives.

What it does

We've created a solution to allow people to gain more information about the train via augmented reality app.

How we built it

The main part is built using Unity and Vuforia framework, which allows to create augmented reality application fairly easily using predefined set of training images.

Back end part is written using IBM Bluemix.

Data from BVG is preprocessed using R programming language.

Challenges we ran into

None of us had any idea how to build android application. More to that, no one had any idea how to build augmented reality solutions. So the first initial steps were the hardest. How to start building application, what language to use, searching already existing frameworks and SDKs - these are only a portion of the first steps that were the hardests.

As soon as we set everything up, found frameworks, development of the actual solution was much easier.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First of all, it is a whole new product for BVG, which is possible going to attract new people, new companies-partners and in the end of the day it is just fun to use something like this.

What we learned

Building something cool is never easy!

What's next for BVG NEXT

Sillicon Valley - here we come!

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