The Sasuke (choking) meme has recently been shaping up to be one of the freshest memes of 2019. By creating such a tool to conveniently generate them, we believe that this would boost the efficiency and productivity of meme makers everywhere and thus bolster the meme economy.

Team Members

Teo Wei Zheng (462), Adam Chew Yong Soon (643), Marvin Tan Xu Dong (644)

What it does

The program takes in an image of a single person, and juxtaposes the meme nicely by lining up the arm/shoulder region of the input with the arm in the meme.

How we built it

Everything was written in Python with the help of the OpenCV library to perform face detection, edge detection, and other image processing capabilities. We practised trio programming after learning much about its benefits from our dear CS2103 lecturer Professor Damith, which is why we decided to honour him in the highest regard by featuring him in our demo.

Challenges we ran into

w.r.t. entire hackathon:

  • spent too long thinking of idea.
  • this wasn't the main idea, we were working on another totally different project, this project was done as a backup because our main idea was not going too well.

w.r.t. this project

  • difficult to conceptualise program workflow.
  • was not very sure how the arm/shoulder detection would work.
  • ended up implementing a rather naive approach that is very dependent on the background being clean.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Thinking of such a useless idea.

What we learned

Python and OpenCV stuff, a bunch of HTML, Canvas & SVG

What's next for BV - Sasuke Meme Generator

Using a more reliable approach to detect the person and his arms/shoulders instead, e.g. human pose estimation

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