We're tackling the issue of college students drinking past their personal limits. We envision that this helpful chatbot will allow college students and spirit enthusiasts to practice safe and responsible drinking while maintaining a nice buzz. It's a quick and simple tool that one can use while on the way to a party or a bar.

What it does

BuzzyBot teaches you about responsible drinking by calculating your blood alcohol content (BAC) based on your sex, weight, how long you plan to drink, and how much you plan to drink. BuzzyBot also calculates the number of drinks for an optimal buzz and allows you to compare the BAC for that amount to that of your own estimation.

How we built it

Built using Node.js, Visual Studio, and Microsoft's Bot Framework

Challenges we ran into

The two of us started this project without much knowledge of the platform or JavaScript, so creating this project involved a lot of fast learning and adaptability. Kudos to Kat and Dan at the Microsoft booth for helping us out!

What's next for BuzzyBot

More educational/disclaimer content, ability to recalculate based on new estimates, ability to share bot with a friend Thanks to the versatility of the Microsoft Bot Framework, we look forward to implementing this bot on a multitude of platforms to reach as many users as possible.

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