Unfortunately, my first ideas for this hackathon ended up not working, so I decided to try to make a HTML5 webapp, with a lot of options for expansions.


Just walking around and wondering what people were working on.

What it does

As you listen to people pitch their projects, play buzzword bingo. It tracks the technologies people are developing with.

How I built it

jQuery, HTML, and Flask. I also made some word clouds by scraping the Slack server and counting the occurrences of each 1-gram with Wolfram.

Challenges I ran into

Unfortunately, I had to start this very late into the project. And as I was working alone, it was quite a rush to get both the basic backend and front-end going, along with collecting some test data.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My original project just failed really badly so this was made insanely quickly :(

What I learned

Don't work alone.

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