We wanted to give the people a chance to express themselves, to be heard and to share their fun experiences with everyone else. With this challenge we're able to do all of these things so we knew this was the one.

What it does

It helps people learn about their community and informs them of things happening nearby that they might not be aware of. It does this by displaying tweets tweeted near the bus stop on an interactive touchscreen.

How we built it

Our tech stack is as simple as our product. We have a Django backend that deals with calls to the Twitter API and processing the data to be more fitting for display. And React front end that displays the data. Both are hosted in Heroku individually.

Challenges we ran into

Due to low ambition level of the project, we didn't face much trouble. Just few weird quirks of Twitter search queries and the way image thumbnails from Instagram are linked to Twitter posed a problem for few moments, but we managed to find simple solutions for each challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got a working app. We eventually solved all the problems that we encountered.

What we learned

How to use the Twitter API and Heroku. We also learned that even if you don't always have everything planned beforehand with enough passion and determination you can get many things done.

What's next for BuzzStop

Make it international. The people on the bus stop can choose whichever destination they like and the twitter feed of said location will be displayed. It could also display things that concern all (aftermath of disasters, important news, info about global warming, etc).

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