Buzzer: Restaurants can send customers notifications on their phones when their table is ready.

Unique Loyalty Rating System: Acquire new customers and minimize reservation defect rate by rating customers on their willingness to stick with the restaurant.

Intuitive and Easy to Use: Simple swipes to perform difficult actions such as updating the queue and informing customers through App and Text.

Queue: Customer’s can view how many people are in front of them and approximate wait times.

Text Messages: App sends (and receives responses from) texts using Twilio API if users are not registered

Favorites: Customer can add their favorite restaurants and later view its queue at any time.

Payments: Pay your bill straight from the app using a Credit Card, PayPal, Venmo or Apple Pay

Our Vision

“It comes at no surprise that there is a trend towards mobile reservations and payments in the world today. We predict our special combination of features will greatly increase economies of scale for the entire restaurant industry in the world. More importantly, it will positively impact restaurant experiences from all aspects of the value chain, as we continue to leverage emerging technologies and apply it to our single app.”

Created by: Shiv, Max, Shihan

Coming Soon to an App Store near you

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