As women in STEM, it is increasingly important to be able to have role models and mentors to guide you through a challenging career path. We wanted something similar to Tinder, but for mentors and on a more personal level. Everyone enjoys Buzzfeed quizzes, so we combined Buzzfeed with Tinder to make Buzzr.

What it does

The website presents you with a series of 10 multiple-choice questions with 4 answer choices each. Based on your answers to each, we employ a matching algorithm to determine a list of people that answered very similarly to you, as well as very differently (opposites attract)!

How I built it

We built this using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Google's Firebase.

Challenges I ran into

None of us had previously worked with Firebase, so manipulating and adding data into Firebase was a struggle at first. Although our front end team had a little experience with HTML/CSS, trying to work with the quiz format we wanted (and incorporating the logic of the algorithm/connecting to Javascript) was a bit of a challenge. We also had a little bit of trouble trying to initially figure out some of the small but important aspects of styling our website.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our team has learned a lot through this hackathon. Despite our project being seemingly simple, we are all proud of what we were able to accomplish given our skill level and prior experience.

What I learned

We learned how to use Firebase, as well as connect the HTML/CSS to the more "back end" Javascript.

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