Waiting in line sucks. You waste time sitting waiting for service when you know you could be utilizing your time in more productive places. We built BuzzMe to solve this problem. Whether your business is a hair salon, doctor's office, or tourist attraction, you will benefit from happier customers by improving their pre-service experience. By using buzzme, customers can walk around and do whatever they want as they wait in line instead of sitting in the waiting area and getting grumpy. Once it's their turn in line, with a click of a button, buzzme just buzzes them by sending them an SMS and they walk back and everyone is happy.

In addition to the buzzing service, we provide analytics for brick and mortar stores so that they can better calculate the amount of employees to have on duty on certain days. If the average wait time on Tuesdays are longer than Wednesdays while Thursdays are slow, you'll know just from looking at the data.

We designed a simple user interface and talked with several local merchants. Many were very enthusiastic and couldn't wait to beta test the product!

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