BuzzMath is a mathematical mission that leads middle school students to proficiency through supported practice. The student-centered and user-inspired design makes BuzzMath practical and motivational for students and teachers. With the launch of this iPad app, students and teachers now have more access than ever to quality engaging math content:

To date, we have created over 1,000 Common Core aligned practice problems that can be used to guide a class to mathematical success. Our team of developers and educators takes great pride and care in the development and design of all of our content.

On demand examples, instant feedback and audio readings assist students as they work towards mastery. Challenging Missions provide an opportunity for small group problem solving for lower ability students and are challenging for higher ability students. Detailed reporting tools and single-click activity assignment are also available to support teachers as they monitor the progress of their students and provide targeted and individualized instruction.

Current content includes Number Sense and Operations, Fractions, Decimals, Rational Numbers, Divisibility, Factors, and Multiples, Roots, Exponents and Scientific Notation, Number Properties, Percents, Ratios and Proportions, Patterns and Sequences, Algebraic Expressions, Equations, Functions, and Inequalities, Geometry, Measurement, Data, Graphs, and Probability.

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