Public safety is something that concerns the team behind BuzzMate. Oftentimes people find themselves in situations of potential danger, whether it's travelling home after work or indeed when going out at the weekend. Our goal for this weekend was to develop a mobile application that allows users to pre-select people from their contact list and in a situation of danger can send a text message to all of these people, alerting them of their need for help along with their location all at the click of a single button. We wanted to encourage community involvement in protecting each other by also notifying other users of the app who are in close proximity. Moving forward, we feel that the optimal experience for users would be to not only have the capability to select their closest friends and family, but if anyone on their contact list is in a nearby area when they hit the button, then their friends who they may not have pre-selected will also be notified by push notifications. We hope that through BuzzMate and other apps we hope to make, we can at least help a few people who would benefit from having an efficient and reliable system to alert their loved ones of potential danger.

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