It all started on a typical warm, sunny San Diego evening. My teammates and I agreed that there were only two things we'd like to be doing: coding and drinking (Mountain Dew). So, we thought, why not both?

And so we manually ran a coding-and-drinking (Mountain Dew) contest, complete with about ten moderately difficult programming challenges and rules for when a contestant had to drink (their Mountain Dew). We ended up having a ton of fun, and saw this hackathon as the perfect opportunity to create a platform for others to enjoy the challenge the same way we did.

Alas, Buzzed like Ballmer was born. It allows anyone to hop on, create a competition, customize the challenges, and invite their friends to the programming party. Contestants write and submit JavaScript code to solve the challenges, but beware! Any code that fails to run, runs for too long, or comes up with the wrong answer will have their submission abilities locked until the moderator clears them, which in principle should only happen after the contestant has taken a drink (of their Mountain Dew).

Points are awarded to the first people whose code comes up with the correct answer, as specified by the moderator. When a certain number of contestants have solved a challenge, it's over and no one else can earn points that round.

So, get your techy friends, your favorite (Mountain Dew) drinks, and see who comes out on top. If you're lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of our buddy Ballmer!

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