Our team quickly identified a problem that we believed affected a large portion of the Georgia Tech population: female Georgia Tech students tend to feel unmotivated to workout in a male-dominated environment by themselves. In a survey conducted with Tech students, we found that there is a significant decline in average workout time since the COVID-19 pandemic. Our solution is to create an app that pairs female GT athletes and students together in order to make them feel more confident, supported, and safe to work out on campus.

What it does

• Enter workout preferences • Match with others who share similar preferences • Geared towards female athletes who need more intensive workouts and some can't workout with their team bc of covid restrictions • Meant for female-identifying GT students

How we built it

Sun and Yesha contributed to the project using Figma, a collaborative interface tool, and developed design/visual elements to create a prototype of the app. They also created a pitch for the project. Eshani and Shreya worked on developing the front and back end of the app through a platform called Thunkable. They incorporated Google Firebase platform for user authentication and user interaction.

Challenges we ran into

• We had too many ideas for the app's functionality that couldn't be implemented within the time constraints but will be in the future • Learning new platforms like Thunkable, specifically dealing with problems pertaining to login credentials

Accomplishments that we're proud of

• Finishing it :) • Developing the user authentication system • Creating a detailed prototype and implementing it • Implementing the navigation between different sections of the app

What we learned

• How to work with Google Firebase • Building an effective prototype • Brainstorming and collaboration • Detailing with Figma

What's next for BuzzBuddy

• GT single sign in • Filter system for workout information - based on location, preferences • AI matching algorithm - based off keywords in the About Me section

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