We want to solve the doctor appointment process and make it seamless and quick similar to booking a hotel or airline. All triggered when I asked few our friends why we need to call someone to schedule a doctor appointment and why it takes this much time and details every time, which led into our conversation of how technically we can solve this and help every patient not to go through this boring and time-consuming appointment process. Can we try a conversational and intelligent bot to solve this problem? When we started going through available technologies and unanimously we started thinking Alexa, Lex, and Polly ( We all use Echo). Given we work with Pharma companies and build applications for them, use cases and problem statements became handy. We all came up different ideas, solving the problem with Conversational bots, Visual recognition, AI tools and notification systems. The first spark, during my spouse first trimester, almost every week I would end up scheduling some doctor appointment and I never got the front desk in the first call. Always one or more voice mails and follow ups. Plus the time it takes to provide the information that you need to share via phone related to your insurance and family details. I use to record my spouse name with spelling and address in Talking Tom and play it back at one point

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