Buzz Kill is a free smartphone app designed to eliminate robocalls and provide financial relief to injured clients that have received repeated undesired contact. When the client hangs up on a robocall, Buzz Kill adds the caller ID to the client’s database of undesired callers and posts the information over the Internet to the Buzz Kill network server. The server determines if the caller is known to use other telephone numbers and updates the client’s database accordingly. The next time that robocall is received, the client’s ring tone is suppressed, the call is answered, and an outgoing audio message is played to the caller with official instructions to place this number on their Do Not Call list. The event is logged along with an audio recording of the call, and sent to the network server. The server analyzes the audio recording for additional information about the call and updates the client’s database. When the server determines that multiple related calls have been made to the client, the Buzz Kill legal team collects money from the offending party to the maximum extent allowed by law. The client is alerted to the process and when money is ready to be deposited into the client’s bank or PayPal account. The Buzz Kill app is free, it stops repeated robocalls, and the client receives a significant share of any gross recovery collected from unlawful solicitors.

A proof of concept was developed during the summer of 2012. Commercial roll out is expected to take six months. The network server can update client software and adapt to changes in robocall solicitation and detection avoidance schemes. Applications can serve both mobile and fixed line networks. Patent Pending.

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