Imagine that you're the owner of a small store, and it's a slow business day. You want to reach more customers, but services such as Groupon take far longer than a day to realize their results. With BuyCombinator, you can sign up and start reaching potential customers in five minutes. The app will target people passing within, say, 500 feet of your storefront, and (using push notifications) provide them with a coupon incentive for shopping at your store. These coupons expire at the end of the day, encouraging impulse purchases and immediate results.

After installing the app, users will receive push notifications promoting nearby local businesses. If the user makes and verifies a purchase from that business, that user will earn rewards points which, in the future, could be spent on prizes such as gift cards or raffle tickets. The app takes advantage of gamification by using points instead of discounts—as such, users can be incentivized to use the app by awarding points for referrals, or daily use of the app.

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