In a world of bloated checkouts and GDPR, ecommerce owners have to collect and store a lot of data. Greedy forms are killing your conversion, though - and why should a shop owner actually must know my home address if he doesn't want to visit me for tea?


We're coming from an ecommerce background and there are lots of cool kids buying fantastic layouts that enable great shopping experiences - one of the coolest is Vue Storefront, a layer that connects legacy commerce applications like Magento or Woocommerce. Its catalog and cart management is plain beautiful but its checkout flow still suffers from the greedy forms that users have to fill out when they want to buy a 5$ article.

Self Sovereign Identity solves lots of personal data and identification issues: in fact, besides German law (and that's disputable), there really is no need for a shop owner to know anything of his customer than a payment has been finalized and the shipment process can be started.


We tried to integrate the Jolocom self sovereign id wallet app with Vue Storefront's checkout system. In the best case a user would only have to click a "submit my data" button and confirm that transaction in the Jolocom app. The store owner would know by checking the trust of the identity that the user can be generally trusted, issues a transaction id and waits for the payment to be made. He then can hand over the order to a shipment provider.


Since no data has been shared with the store owner the shipment provider doesn't know anything about the customers address. He therefore asks the DID owner of the identity to share the shipment details with him. Note, that he in turn doesn't know anything about the shipped goods - there is no direct relation between the data the shop owner stores and the shipping provider knows.


the repo's code is just a glued combination of vue storefront's base code ( & configuration plus the jolocom oss integration code ( So 98% are not our intellectual property. We just tried to make both play together nicely.

Built With

  • jolocom
  • vue
  • vuestorefront
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