Empower individuals to support causes through their everyday spending, at no additional cost.

What it does

Buttons for Good is a shopping portal that contributes the affiliate commission generated by its users to charitable organizations.

How we built it

Buttons for Good is built using Buttons SDK, which allows developers to add third party apps and services directly to their iOS, Android, and mobile website, Ruby, Sinatra, Postgres, JavaScript, Foundation for the frontend, and is hosted on Heroku.

Challenges we ran into

Managing scope was our greatest challenge. There are always numerous features and directions that you can add to a product. However with the limited time, we had to refine our aspirations so that the most concise and complete version of our goal was produced.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Buttons for Good provides people with a simple way to support causes that they value. People want to contribute to society and feel like they're actions are making a difference, making the world a better place. Using BfG, they can - every day and at no additional cost. With the touch of a Button, people can add purpose to normally ordinary or frivolous purchases and feel good about doing it.

What we learned

Software can be a powerful tool for good by harnessing the collective energy of the masses.

What's next for Buttons for Good

Sharing our product with the world and starting to make a difference will be our first step. We also plan to add more charitable organizations that our users can support and increase the number of available merchants. These updates will attract more users, support more spending opportunities, and contribute more funds to organizations in need.

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