We live in a house of 6 students and a dog and it's hard to keep track of everyday questions. Has anyone fed the dog? Is the dishwasher clean? Who's turn is it to take out the garbage?

We propose using the internet of things to bring more accountability to the household. Attach our all-purpose ButtonLights to the site of your chore and, voila, instant accountability. Just fed the dog? Simply press the button and the light turns off. Forgot to feed the dog? The light will reset itself after 8 hours and turn on again, notifying anyone who passes to feed it.

But what if no one sees the light? Each ButtonLight's status is constantly kept track of in our API (http://buttonlight.herokuapp.com/status/). Our Android app pulls data from the API to show you the button's status anywhere you go. If sufficient time passes, we will text everyone in the house to prevent the chore from being neglected.

We find the ButtonLight solves a real problem in our household and we hope you enjoy its simplicity and elegance.

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