Socializing is a fundamental part of society. It almost always feel bad to try to join a conversation but fail due to having nothing to say. This program aims to make it easier for people to socialize and enjoy their time with each other

What it does

Sometimes, a person may be left out of a conversation between friends and coworkers due to a lack of knowledge regarding the topics at hand. With this app, the user may request information over a broad range of conversational topics, and Buttin will pass information to the user, allowing them to join into conversations held by their friend. While buttin cannot walk a user through an entire conversation, it provides enough information for the user to seamlessly insert themselves into any conversation.

How I built it

We chose to make a messenger bot because of the widespread usage and simplicity of Facebook messenger. The bot was made using Facebook's API and Nodejs. Data was accumulated from various sources, mainly using News API.

Challenges I ran into

Facebook's API has a multitude of restrictions that made it tricky to get and post the necessary information. Nodejs was also rather difficult to use.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

One accomplishment is the program's user friendliness and wide applicability. Almost everyone can benefit from the program, and due to the fact that it uses Facebook messenger, a program used by many people, makes it so that almost everyone can access it as well.

What I learned

From this project, I learned many things about Nodejs, the Facebook Graph API, and also about chat bots and AI in general.

What's next for buttin

Next up for the program would be to incorporate even more information sources so that the bot can help with wider topics as well as more niche subjects. Furthermore, there are many possible ways to take the AI of the bot itself further.

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