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Bit.ly + Ebay for peer-to-peer Solana NFT auctions


Current NFT marketplaces Solanart and DigitalEyes offer floor based pricing. As a result sellers post links in trading channels on Discord and rely on DMs to negotiate the best price. Additionally, the seller exposes the buyer to the full catalog of NFTs for sale and risk losing the buyer to a competing seller.


NFT owners seeking to conduct a private transaction via community channels can generate a link that allows buyers to compete in a single time-bound NFT Dutch Auction getting the best price for their NFT.

Revenue Opportunity

Listing fee is 0.01 SOL on Digital Eyes. Sellers fee is 2.5% on Digital Eyes.

Market Size

Daily Volume is $22MM per Solanalysis. Total market opportunity at 2.5% sellers fee is $550,000USD per day.

Alpha Leak

Butterswap is brought to you by CFX Labs, core contributor to CoinFX | Watch demo.

CoinFX accelerates the 2021-2031 local/global expansion phase of crypto via decentralized minting of 190 local currency stablecoins. CoinFX stablecoins are pegged to local currency prices, minted natively on Solana, and oover-collateralized by US regulator approved digital assets. The project is bolstered by a unique stability mechanism that monetizes slippage and FX volatility. Rewards are returned to holders as part of a global commercial-retail Mega DAO based on the Federal Reserve governance model applied globally and an ownership / fee reduction culture popularized by Vanguard founder John C. Bogle.

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@nickchicago https://calendly.com/cfxlabs/

*Demo requires Devnet NFTs * Devnet NFT Wallet PK: 2o5KUjb4k5Xet7QfJYkJLxCFfcrS33iDKjFavWXbdc2PxAPymDXSUMfoHQ6KBrUr1KTpQ9UL7dxpek5oYFBvpUcQ

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