Since all our childhood we have watched 'The Powerpuff girls' show and the idea of turning it into a game is even more exciting. So I decided to make my favourite character of the show 'Buttercup' the lead hero of this game to fight MojoDojo. I have always wanted to learn Javascript and implement it in one of my projects. Then I saw people starting with simple games or websites with javascript and HTML. I realized this can be a stepping stone for my journey in Javascript so I made this 'Buttercup-MojoDojo-Game'. It is my version of google chrome Dinosaur game.It is a simple game and can be played by anyone even a noob like me.

What it does

You can play this game in your freetime. This is a very simple game. All one has to do is save Buttercup from MojoDojo. You have to use space bar key to jump Buttercup ,as game starts and there is train of MojoDojo coming click space bar at the right time to save Buttercup from colliding with MojoDojo. The moment she collides with him, the game stop.

How I built it

I have used Javascript for the main part of the programming and some html too. I have used Javascript to write file for buttercup functioning and MoJoDojo. The code is used for maintaing the amount of train of MojoDojo and the speed of MojoDojo. It also maintains the height to which Buttercup can jump. And combining all the files for the complete functioning of the game.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge was to maintain the speed of train of MojoDojo and the height to which Buttercup can jump. Also gravity was a key factor and has to be kept in mind cause without that Buttercup wouldn't come back to the ground. Then I had to add this collide script so when they collide the game stop otherwise the game would never end.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is my first game in Javascript and also my first project so I am very proud of it proper functioning.

What I learned

I have learned a lot about javascript and it's working with html and css. I learned how adjusting the specific value can result in fully coordinated outcome. And one can only learn by implementing theoritical knowledge into working projects.

What's next for Buttercup-MojoDojo-Game

I am thinking of further advancing it into a machine learning project by making it a voice controlled game.

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