Our inspiration behind this project is to maintain healthy eating habits, and to make sure we meet our daily requirements, which is unique to every individual. We also wanted to make this easily accessible to the elderly.

What it does

A plugin for alexa that allows the user to input nutritional data into a web app, using voice. The web app gives you analysis of your previous week, and also the history of what you ate.

How we built it

For the frontend, the app is built with vue.js. For the backend, we used stdlib API and firebase.

Challenges we ran into

Prior to beginning our hack, we faced some challenges in deciding what idea we wanted to implement. We came up with various ideas, some that we think may not be completed within the time limit, and some that we thought were too simple and didn’t challenge us enough to really showcase the use of the sponsor APIs. Other challenges some of us faced was learning vue.js. Also since we have never used stdlib API before, we took some time time in trying to to understand the API, and how we could incorporate it into the implementation of our idea.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

Since initially, we had trouble figuring out what idea we wanted to implemnt, this took quite some time out of our hacking. We are proud to have finished the implementation in the alloted time, and learning new APIs that we had no experence with before.

What we learned

Some of had no experience using vue.js before, after working on this this project some of us gained some basic knowlege of the framework and some gained a better understanding on how to use the framework. While brainstorming for an idea, we gained a better understanding of many of the sponsor APIs.

What’s next for Buttercup

We look forward to continuing in making this a better and convenient web app that is accessible to anyone at anytime. Build With firebase, vue.js, stdlib, wolfram

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