A lot of food ingredients are often neglected and forgotten as people usually don't know what to do with leftover food ingredients found in their refrigerators or cupboards, especially after a holiday feast. These items may end up staying in the fridge for years, occupying unnecessary space and going way past their expiry dates, resulting in food wastage. Furthermore, in a fast-paced society like Singapore, many may find it time consuming to prepare for meals and end up buying takeaways, which tend to be oilier and less healthy than home cooked meals. Our project thus aims to minimise our society's food wastage whilst promoting healthier meal preparation at home.

What it does

Aims to lower food wastage by consolidating the available ingredients in a user's fridge or food cabinet, then generating a list of recipes which effectively utilises the available ingredients. Our recipe generation ranking algorithm prioritizes the recipes that require minimum additional ingredients, so users won't have to buy as many ingredients while using up as much of their own ingredients as possible.

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