Butte Strength Through Artistic Repurposing 11/30 – 12/17

Mission Butte county/Town of Paradise, CA needs a way to fill community needs in the aftermath of the most recent wildfire and find solutions regarding the use of unwanted materials/excess donations. This team aims to facilitate the resources needed for local artists, donation distributors and mental health services to connect, collaborate and repurpose excess donations into functional community needs and potential entrepreneurial ventures.

Objectives Nature takes on three forms: “Build, Repurpose, Grow.”

Repurpose: Locate the necessary resources (venue, donations, art making resources, makerspaces) to assist local and interested artists with repurposing unwanted materials into functional community needs and/or potential entrepreneurial ventures Team and local artists connect with nearby makerspaces where a large quantity of materials can be repurposed to fill community needs. NEED: Local artists and community members to join us in deciding what to repurpose for unwanted materials and how best to meet current needs. Build: Develop toolkit that can be used for future post-disaster efforts Work with makerspaces in the area and beyond to scale the production of the repurposed efforts. i.e.- we have a need for 1,000 pillows, help us build to that number. NEED: Makers to take the requests of the artists and community help build to scale. Grow: Artists and mental health services deliver repurposed items to survivors in need (blankets, pillows, etc.) promoting reconnection and community resiliency Integrate local mental health services into event to connect with local artists Artists gain skills / inspiration that may promote entrepreneurial ventures Encourage artists and mental health services to grow future events promoting community resilience and mental health through artistic endeavors NEED: Team to make sure wildfire survivors receive the loving repurposed goods.

Timeframe Pre deployment Now-Dec. 14 Build Connections: local venues currently involved or interested in supporting art-related community events Local arts organizations/artist leaders that can mobilize and spread the word about the repurposing event Local mental health services interested in joining artists during this event Makerspaces for additional repurposing Identify unwanted materials and excess donations available Promote the event, mobilize artists and mental health services

Deployment Dec. 14-17 14th - Gather unwanted materials/excess donation 15th - Repurposing event 16th - Delivering repurposed items to survivors in need

Post Deployment Dec. 17 Share the story

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