Over half of people will forget to take their prescribed medicine on time, or even at all, costing $105 billion in losses in the United States alone. Unfortunately, most people aren't told the devastating effects of missing their medication. Treatments can fail, doctors can have difficulty assisting the patient, and people are permanently affected. Between 30-50% of deaths and treatment failures resulting from this widespread problem, and we aimed to fixed it.

What it does

Our team has a developed a system that is only going to get smarter. With its current capabilities, BUTLER will keep track of the exact time you need to take your medicine or medicines each day, and notify when it is time to take them. BUTLER will also log this information for your doctor to see at your next check-up. That way, she/he will be able to make the best decision to ensure you are getting treatment tailored most to your situation. BUTLER is also built with a back-up system in case you are close to missing a dosage, by contacting your caregiver or close relative to provide additional support in helping you maintain your health.

How we built it

We used Node.js for the back end and Firebase to deploy our project. As for the front end, we implemented the materialize.css framework for the UI/UX. We finally used a Twilio API to send and receive messages from our patients and caregivers.

Challenges we ran into

While our team has a wide set of skills in various fields of computer science and biology, we did not have a great deal of experience in full stack development. The challenges we ran into are installing and using Node.js, and deploying our product to Firebase. We also spent a great deal of time trying to implement the Twilio API to send and read text messages.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned a lot about full stack development. We learned to deploy a web app using Firebase, and we learned to use Node.js as a back end. We're also proud of creating a working solution for such a large and diverse problem.

What we learned

We learned a great deal about the healthcare industry and the encryption and security of health databases under the Protected Healthcare Information (PHI).

What's next for BUTLER

We will be incorporating Machine Learning to provide the best times for drug delivery based on the user's schedule and also automating the user's prescription renewal process. We also plan to provide an even faster way to create a medication schedule. These are our initial goals for moving forward.

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