Our inspiration comes from our busy lives as college students. As busy college students we want to optimize our time and stay organized. We wanted to create a reminder app that takes has everything ew need as a student. Most reminder apps have one really good feature and you wish they had more. Created by students for students.

What it does

"The app allows the user to set reminders for when you leave the house, get close to a specific location, or even keep a daily planner. The GPS will allow the user to set a reminder for when they leave the house in case they need to grab their mask, feed their pet, or remember their wallet. It also allows the user to set a reminder when they get within a specific proximity to a location. Fore example a reminder to go to the pharmacy when they are in the store."

How we built it

"We started with a general format so we could understand what we need each button to do. So after creating a few blueprints we finally moved onto Android Studio and began coding the visual. "

Challenges we ran into

"The first challenge we ran into was the fact that none of us really knew how to develop an app. After a lot of research we then ran into our next roadblock, what platform do we use. After a lot more research we found Android Studio. This is when we had to figure out how to implement other coding languages and actually learning how to use the platform. Eventually we ended up understanding the platform and only having enough time to use the visuals. Many of our members struggled when trying to implement GPS and eventually had to move on to other ideas."

Accomplishments that we're proud of

"All of it! The whole process was amazing and super exciting. None of us had ever really developed an app, so seeing our idea come to life was a really cool and inspiring accomplishment. The best part was being able to see and hear my teammates excitement when we first got the main screen of our app actually on the platform we were using to code the app."

What we learned

"We learned a lot! App development is a lot more accessible to us then we previously believe. App development is very easy and very hard. There is so much that goes into it. We learned how to use Android studio and we also learned that we can make change without having some fancy class to show us how to code. We can make an app whenever and wherever we want. "

What's next for Busy Bee

"Our next step is to finish development. We plan on adding GPS, a time function, and allowing the user to enter in text. Our group was very excited to see our ideas come to life and we want to continue to develop this app and potentially see it on the app store in the future. "

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