This project was put together for the Challenge Post Summer Jam 2015 challenge. After deciding to participate in the challenge and peruse the available datasets, one of the first sets I noticed was the Farmers Market location data. In the Research Triangle Region of North Carolina, where I live, we are blessed many farmer's markets in and around the Raleigh-Durham Area.

Knowing that many of the publicly available data sets from the government are focused on poverty and income equality, I deciced to explore the connection between the farmers markets and public transporation. More specifically, does the Go Triangle transit system service enable low income inhabitants to visit and purchase fresh, locally made, and healthy food options?

All map generation was done on Cartodb. This webpage cribs heavily from the examples by their wonderfully brilliant Andrew Hill.

The basemap tiles were generated by me using Mapbox studio.

Census tract data was found in shapefile format here.

The location of my local Farmer's Markets was (of course!) found on Socrata here.

The data for the American Community Survey used in this visualization can be found here.

The public route and stop dataset for Raleigh's mass transit system can be found here.

The code for this site can be found here. It's decidely low tech as a series of linked html files, but hey, I used Node and Express, so I'm cool....right??

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