We created a web application called Bus Time, which provides the optimal route to a location using buses. We were able to do so through the usage of Google Maps API, MTA API, and HTML/Javascript. The concept for this program arose when we realized that we often woke up very early to catch a bus that arrived much later. By creating this program, there will be no need to wait at a bus station instead one could find the optimal time and route to travel. The projects work by utilizing the Google Maps API and MTA API to provide real-time tracking of MTA buses. Then, the application calculates the time it would take for a person to walk to a bus stop and when the bus would come to optimize the best time to leave. Furthermore, the application takes into account the position of all buses to calculate the best possible route. For instance, in an urbanized city like NYC there are various buses that go to a similar location. While one bus may bring you directly to your location, there may be a more optimal route if you took another bus and walked to your location.

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