Inspiration? me and my ex-teammates wanted to make the public transport more efficient. We decided to do it by tracking how many people use each bus stop.

What it does? It generates a number of passenger for 20 bus stops. It lets the user input his bus stop and adds it to the list.

How I built it? Me and my ex-teammates separated the work so that I do the back-end in Python and they do the front-end also in Python. I agreed to use Python because they were more familiar with it as opposed to Java, which I knew best. I did the back-end in Python at first. But then they quit so I did the whole thing in Java really quickly.

Challenges I ran into? At first we had to come up this a good idea that really applied to sustainable cities which is really hard since not all these ideas make sense to make in practice. Also,I had to do the back-end in Python since I was not very familiar with it but I finished it. My teammates quit. Then I had to do the whole thing myself, this time in Java to make it easier for myself.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of? Being able to do a complete project myself and being able to follow through with the whole assignment.

What I learned? I learned Python a little bit. Also, I learned I need to find teammates that can commit to the whole project.

What's next for BusStopTracking? Probably nothing. Unless I find more uses for it later.

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