Public transport is great, it gives us opportunities to go from paint A to paint B in an easy way. However, we feel that while our society is merging entertainment with every other sector, the public transportation system often stays the same. Therefore we want to offer a way to make the transportation itself fun for the passengers. Afterall, time flies when you're having fun.

What it does

Bussig is a interactive and entertaining way to use your time wisely while riding with the public transport system. This is done by joining the application with your phone. Battle other players for the highest score in several mini-games and be sure to check the bus display of who won the last game and the current leaderboard. Can you become king of the hill?

How we built it

Bussig is built using Angular, Firebase and PixiJS. It's being deployed on every push to the master branch by Gitlab.

Challenges we ran into

Decision makings regarding what kind of games to include. The general UI/UX of the application. Staying awake. What to focus on and what to ditch.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having created a synced system where users are battling each other while riding the same bus.

What we learned

Games are not easy to make. Period.

What's next for Bussig

We're aiming to launch Bussig worldwide!

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