BUSsADDA is an idea that can change the way people look at public transportation system these days. With the ever increasing traffic, life on roads without public transportation is a thing far beyond imagination. However, just like any other domain, public transportation too faces grievous concerns that need to be addressed as soon as possible. The design team surveyed 500 people around Pune to talk about their opinions on the current bus transportation service, and the following conclusions were extrapolated 1)75% of the population asserted that they had been late to their destination because they decided to wait for a bus instead of walking. 2) 96% of the population affirmed that knowing the position of the buses on campus would be beneficial in deciding whether to walk or wait for the bus. 3) 96% of the population also affirmed that knowing the location of the buses is more indicative of wait time than an approximate arrival time. 4) The overall approval rate of the current transportation notification service was 38%. If passengers had an easy way to see which bus is near to their location and approximate time it would take to reach the stop, in real-time, they could make a more accurate, informed decision of whether or not to wait at a stop. The Real Time Bus Monitoring and Passenger Information system will provide pedestrians with this convenience. Not only would the Real Time Bus Monitoring and Passenger Information system be a new product for Best Transportation, it would also be an improvement to the transportation service already provided, addressing the dissatisfaction with current wait times of the buses.

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