We were walking towards the hackJunction venue and noticed a street musician. Another bystander considered donating to him, but walked away when he realized he had no spare change. Street musicians are important for the life and vibe of a city, but they often don't get compensated. We would like to make it easier for musicians to collect payments from people passing by.

What it does

Buskr is an app that simplifies the process using an Estimote iBeacon and the Klarna payment system. Whenever the bystander is nearby the musician's iBeacon, he can open the Buskr app and donate some change in seconds. The Klarna payment makes it easy for the bystander to pay, for us to process, and for the musician to collect the money.

How I built it

We built it using the Estimote iBeacon and associated libraries, as well as with the Klarna API. The android application is programmed in Java on Android Studio and the backend uses JavaScript and is running on Our domain name is

Challenges I ran into

This was our first app. We had no prior app or Android dev skills, and yet we mangaed to put together a seamless application. Some of things we struggled with: asynchronous HTTP requests and iBeacon detection errors.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of a complete solution that lets a user interact very intuitively and accomplish his goal quickly. It is simple, but very effective.

What I learned

We learned that building an app isn't so bad and that we shouldn't be scared to take on something new.

What's next for buskr

We'll see. It would be interesting to see how well musicians and people passing by would react to this service. Perhaps if there is favorable response from the community, we can polish the code and release something.

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