A few members of our team have been buskers in the past. They were sick of not being able to provide an adequate answer to questions like "when and where will you be playing next?". Other members of our team regularly stumble across buskers they would love to see again but have no way to know when and where they will be playing next.

With this awesome app (which works across all devices) you can see a live map of current buskers in your city (or the world!) and can search for, and follow specific buskers so that you can know when, and where they will be performing next! This provides a really useful solution for both performers and potential audience members. This app has the potential to transform the way residents and tourists interact and engage with the urban environment around them.

Q: "Do you think you would use our app while busking?"

A: "Yeah, of course! Especially in Melbourne, where many people simply walk around to see indie performers."Lane, Busker


You are out for dinner with a special someone. The night has been going well but you feel like it would be good to add some extra magic to the evening. You discreetly whip out buskerspace and discover that there is a magician just around the corner...


You are a busker who is looking to transition from street performance to private events (e.g. kids' birthday parties, weddings, etc). While you are performing it is difficult to stop and chat to potential customers and grow your business. With buskerspace, customers can easily find your profile and contact you without interrupting your performance!

Challenges we faced We were unfamiliar with a lot of technology we used, and it was pretty much totally new territory for us. Learning how to get things working without making it too hacky was quite difficult!

Favourite parts It was awesome to develop our skills and see our project evolve from an idea into a fully working awesome web app!

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Current working functionality:

Live Map


Event Creation/Editing

Busker Creation/Editing

Fully Functional Design

Cross Platform Compatibility

Future Features:

Non busker profiles

Busker reviews

Busker tipping via paypal

Extending app beyond street performers

Business Plan

Sell to city councils


Sell the rights to "promotional events" featuring on map


Take a % of paypal busker tips

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