What does it do?

Business Financial App This application sorts the inventory within a business and keeps track of when the stock is running low and sends an alert out. The app allows you to see how eco-friendly our inventory is. It has an educational section where it gives some information about how you should budget your money, what inventory is and how it is calculated, and how you can change your business to be environmentally friendly.


As businesses become more environmentally conscious, we decided to build an app that would help them further along their goals. We wanted to build an app that had eco friendly solutions, as well as product indicators, and some blatant eco-friendly propaganda by educating them how to begin their own eco friendly business! Our barcode and QR scanning features allow for lower use of paper, our sample inventory has eco friendly solutions for builds and home improvement (can be tailored to any business type really), our carbon footprint indicator allows users to know view how eco friendly their purchase is, and our education page shows videos for business finances and how to become an eco friendly business.

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  • Inspiration [Dollar Store]

How did we build it?

Took a lot of trial and error, but we did this in a couple steps.

  1. Plan out what exactly our app would look like and how would we get it to work
  2. Conduct some research and see how we could implement it within the app.
  3. Figure out what platforms will be used to get the smoothest and fastest code running and where to create the basic platform of the app.
  4. Planning out the code, and what should be done first.
  5. Designing the app. We used: Django, Visual Studio, Ubuntu to implement the code in the backend. And Figma for the front end visual illustrations.

Challenges we ran into?

We had many extraordinary ideas but due to time constraints we were unable to implement all of it within the app. Coding the specific details was difficult as limited experience is granted. Issues implementing what the app would look like and how the information would look and fit into it was also a challenge.

Accomplishments we are proud of?

We are proud of being able to implement the database to keep track of inventory increments and decrements and being able to include a financial view. Took a lot of advice time with the mentors, but it was great to see it come together in the end. Having the code and information fit within the pages.

What’s next for our app?

We envision our app having future applications such as: +App would recognize and store product QR codes +A receipt tracker which would allow the user to take a picture of their receipt, provide the user a number, and assign the receipt to an archive folder accessible for later viewing. +View of average spending habits, indicators of where spending could be cut down, budget tracking (through graphs) +Profit/loss graph to show where the money is being drained and how much profit was made.

  • A FAQ page
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