Often times when people give feedback to a company, the company glances over it and for the most part ignored it. This is often because of the difficulties there are in sorting through and reading all of the feedback. I believe that if companies had an easier way to go through the feedback, they would be more inclined to make changes that their customers would appreciate which is why I made this website.

What it does

Businessant is a website which takes in user input, customer feedback, as text. It then stores that text into a database which the backend will perform a sentiment analysis on. The sentiment analysis allows the business to see whether the people on average like or dislike their company.

How we built it

I made Businessant using Velo by Wix and a javascript package called node-nlp. The frontend was made in Velo and the backend was made using Velo's inbuilt databases and their own IDE.

Challenges we ran into

I ran into issues with the input as originally I was planning to allow CSV files as input but when storing the CSV file in the database, I lost the ability to access the information in it so I ended up using text input instead. I also ran into an issue with displaying the analysis and couldn't solve it due to the time frame.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Even with all of these challenges I faced, I believe that I learned a huge amount about how to use Velo and also javascript as I primarily program in python so it was really nice to learn how to use a completely different language in this short of a time frame.

What we learned

I learned how to use Velo and got more experience with databases even if they did not fully work. I also learned how to use javascript and also some NLP packages for javascript.

What's next for Businessant

I plan to hopefully be able to add CSV input to make the website more user-friendly and less time-consuming while also figuring out how to display the data in more ways than just the console. I want to be able to display how often certain words appear while also showing other trends all in the form of graphs.

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