We saw the need of having an accessible, easy to use website that contained vaccine distribution sites, covid cases, flights, hotels and restaurants for business trips. We decided to make a web app that would have all of these features in one place to make it easy for the user to plan a business trip in the US during this pandemic.


Tools, Wildcard

What it does

Our website allows users to easily plan business trips around the U.S. by having details of flights, restaurants, and hotels. We also combined features of helping to understand the current ongoing covid-19 cases in the designated areas, as well as areas for vaccine distribution sites that may be necessary prior from traveling. As a result, the goal of our project is to inform the covid-19 situations (and vaccine distribution sites) for our users who are flying across states and offering recommended resources available around them.

How we built it

Front-end We came up with the design and created the wireframes for every page using Figma. We then utilized HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build our website.


  • Azure - hosted website in the cloud to be publicly accessible on Microsoft Azure
  • Flask - web application framework
  • Using their PaaS tools Resource groups and App services
  • APIs: CDC, Amadeus, Documenu

Challenges we ran into

  • Had problem of getting data from Amadeus API, but we were able to fix it
  • How to get relevant information from the text pulled from Amadeus API on hotels, flights and restaurants
  • Displaying relevant information in a consumable format
  • Trouble with preprocessing CDC covid data

What's next for Business Trip Planner

  • Finish implementing Naive Bayes model for estimating COVID infection given being in a state
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