A vision of continuous improvement according to the detailed data analytics. Process Discovery reduces the manual effort needed for large-scale process identification and mapping all the possible process variations and exceptions.

What it does

Process Discovery can be defined as a set of tools and techniques that are used to define, map and analyze the processes of an organization. In a typical enterprise, processes that were initially well defined. Business Process Discovery and Improvement framework analyze the data and transform them into a diagnostic view for the process experts. All the time consuming and redundant tasks can be identified and improved in a version-controlled manner.

The subsequent lack of real-time visibility and insight into business process operations create several significant challenges.

How we built it

1) Identified the list of all possible process mining areas & its related dimensions with how these data can be captured and stored in the database in a best-optimized manner to enable faster and efficient access of data as required for high-quality reporting 2) Created different business-critical reports representing data on records, and other dashboards using Appian reporting components & Appcino's Google charts component 2) Detailed analysis in getting the deviations based on process versions and its milestones
3) Identified the time consuming and least cost-effective processes and creating the prediction analysis for the same

Challenges we ran into

1) Create a complete framework which will capture all the changes 2) Creating the predictions based on historical analysis 3) User Interfaces (UI) for catering all the requirements and comparison by integrating with Google charts 4) Bench-marking different versions of any process based on least used milestones 5) Visualizing the data matrices and mapping of real-time data with them 6) Finding out the key performance indicators of a process and creating the reports based on different parameters

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to create an end to end full working business process discovery and improvement framework which is providing the insights to all the process variations, identify the root cause of deviations and making the process cost-effective.

What we learned

1) Data analytics and finding the least efficient processes are very important for any enterprise growth 2) Predicting the upcoming events based on historical analysis is very important for any business users in assigning the right set of people to attain the maximum throughput 3) Comparison of different versions of any process and finding the deviations

What's next for Business Process Discovery and Improvement

1) Setting up KPI's and implementing the escalation model into this 2) Users analytical and hierarchical view based on different versions and other parameters 3) Fetching the data from Process analytics and not from the database

Built With

  • appian
  • google-chart
  • google-chart-component
  • network-graph-plugin-component
  • sql-server
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