Reducing poverty, Helping people with unique ideas and etc.

Goal is helping low-income individual, young entrepreneurs, women and etc.

I'm working on the project which is non-profit to build the main box so I'm thinking about this kind of app to complete our package to achieve our goal.

How to build this kind of application to provide it free.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of working in a project which is non-profit and I am part of a team trying to make better community as well as a great image of cities.

I learned to commit more workshops as it open the doors to provide your ideas.

What's next for Business Out Of The Box (BOT-B): Good Question! These thing that we are doing is just for one container (BOX) so if it be success, we will grow it which results in cooperating with more designers, engineers, application developers, creative persons. As a result, we will have a more beautiful world.

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